You can have dinner and choose from more tan 37 restaurants spread out from the harbour docks, all along the Sea Front Promenade, till the hotel who now lies where the former spa resort did.


You can dance, because the music plays the leading role in Las Arenas’ pubs and discosYou can dance, because the music plays the leading role in Las Arenas’ pubs and discos

You can sleep over night because you have a wide choice of accommodation so that you can enjoy eating breakfast with a sea view

You can have a snack after walking down the seafront on a Sunday morning

You can park because in front of Paseo Neptuno there has been set up a parking area with more than 1500 places.

You can have a drink because it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends for a drink. Besides, since there is a short distance to the center of the city you can share a taxi with friends at a reasonable price.

You can go for a walk or do some exercise just like those who choose Las Arenas for a bike ride, footing or have a game on the very beach.

You can have a business meeting while you taste the exquisite valencian paella or some other rice specialties that Las Arenas’ restaurants have to offer you.

You can watch the ships enter the port as Las Arenas is situated right near the Marina Juan Carlos I docks. You can have an ice-cream while you are admiring the sun set even if it is in winter. The sunset is magic there.

You can read the papers in any of the terraces or read a book while having a really cold beer.

You can have lunch and have a business meeting in the quiet atmosphere of this unique place of Valencia.